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RPA – Robotic Process Automation can Create Transformative Efficiency and Productivity Gains, Drive Greater Process, and Spur Superior Customer Service. Robotic Process Automation is the type of Intelligent Automation Software that automates the Repetitive, Manual Data & Time Intensive work making the business more efficient, while lowering costs.

Increases Efficiency

100% Accuracy

24/7 Productivity

Improves Customer Experiences

Enhances Visibility

Improves Time to Market

Reduces costs

Speeds up Process Time

Boost Scalability

Optimizes Resources

Complies with Industry Regulations

Accelerates Digital Transformation Programs

RPA Helps Create Digital Work Forces at Enterprise Scale

Rule-Based Decision Making

As long as Decision Matrices can be Documented, then RPA can handle them. Making Simple Rule-Based decisions based on data or criteria, along the Business Process and Exception, sending items for decisions to human workers.

Double Data Entry

Simulates User re-keying of data from one system to another, data entry, copying and pasting.

Automated Reports Preparation

Automates the Extraction of data to provide accurate and Timely Reports. e.g for Regulatory Authorities.

Data Validation and Auditing

Reconciles and Cross-References Data between different systems to validate, inspect information and provide compliance and auditing outputs.

Straight Through Processing

Workflow Enabled Interactions, automatically enters inputs from source systems into target systems, from Trigger to Completion.

‘Virtual’ System Integration

Transfers data between disparate and legacy systems by connecting them at the user interface level instead of implementing new data infrastructure and API’s.

IBaseIT and Softomotive partner to bring Robotic Process Automation to shape your Digital Transformation Global Strategy


Global Business Technology Solutions provider IBaseIT has entered into strategic partnership with Softomotive to offer Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help Enterprises Deliver Back-Office Transformation.

The partnership will see IBaseIT use the cutting-edge automation software of Softomotive to provide enterprise with an end-to-end solution of Identifying, Designing, Building and Monitoring Automated Processes, providing RPA-as-a-Service and Consultancy.

IBaseIT will use the innovative technology to help current and future clients automate Transactional back office functions, such as Revenues and Benefits, HR, Payroll, Finance, Increasing Process Speed and Efficiency while freeing up Employees to deliver Front-Line Services.

What Can be Automated


  • New Account Verification
  • Data Validation
  • Customer Account Management
  • Financial Claims Processing
  • Report Creation
  • Form Filling
  • Change of Address
  • Loan Application Processing

Finance & Accounting

  • Invoice Processing
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables
  • Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets Analysis
  • Master Data Management
  • Vendor and Customer Account Creation
  • ERP Logging from another system


  • Automatically Updating Online Inventory & Product Information
  • Importing Website Orders and email sales teams
  • Backend Systems


  • Verification Process
  • Populating Forms and assigning sub contractors to jobs
  • Integrating Legacy systems with Newer systems


  • Patient Data Migration and Processing
  • Reporting for Doctors
  • Medical Bill Processing
  • Patient Record Storage


  • Collection & Consolidate customer data from client phone systems
  • Backing up Information from client systems
  • Uploading Data
  • Transferring Customer data between applications
  • Extracting Data about Competitor Pricing


  • Claims Processing
  • New Account Creation


  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Leave of Absence Management
  • Populating Employee Data into Multiple Systems
  • Performance Appraisal Management
  • Software Installations and Updates
  • Batch Processing

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